RTEO  Round Trip Engineering Objects

Wednesday 4th January 2006 :
Version 0.9.5 is released for this christmas :-)
As this version works with eclipse 3.1.1 and java 1.4 syntax (not entirely but with a bit of code preprocessing let's say so :-),
the Round Trip is finally here for Java 5.0 and starting to work slowly...
My final step is the extension framework SDK so that anybody can put it's own code transformation quite easily :-)
I'm thinking of OSGi transformation services of source code, robots building code on one side and evolving source code leading to executable models on the other side.
But yet the future is already behind us :-) Happy NEw year 2006 all of you !!!

Wednesday 21st September 2005 :
Version 0.9.3 is released :-)
Finally works for eclipse 3.1 (RTEO is now a 'real' OSGi bundle :-)
Hint : You must open the RteoView to have some feedback about what is happening while Rteo RoundTrips ...
That's it : Rteo is almost fully ready for Java 1.4 perfect round trip !! Next step is Java 5 of course... (unfortunately reverse engine still has a few bugs, i'm workin on them)
Otherwise, other next steps are :
- Work on the Rteo SDK to Generate XMI 2.0 files 'on the fly' (at runtime) to render diagrams for your project such as collaboration, sequence or state diagrams
- Add more Rteo pure transformations (Factory Isolation, invoke flattener...) and Rteo SDK transformations (SDK dependent transformations) like toXmlString() generation
And by the way if you guys can code queries to extract metrics from the XJL repository (like package coupling percentages), i'd be glad to have them :-)
Either way, Enjoy ... It's my pleasure !

Saturday 2nd July 2005 :
Version 0.8.7 is finally released :-)
I'm starting to find it useful for my own projects for code analysis and understanding.
In fact you have access to an XJL repository (Java expressed as XML) that you can query as you fancy to extract all kinds of information (like Metrics and Code Audit)
- Calling Trees, Package Coupling, Locate Instanciations.
but it is still up to you to code the queries yourself !
In the future, there may be a library of pre-made queries that will extract infos into XML files based on an XML Schema
so that you can XSLT generate HTML reports for code analysis and metrics.
Anyhow for now, the tool can regenerate your Java code from an XJLT repository with a few transformations :
- String Externalization, Factory Isolation, OnMethodEntering/Returning Callbacks to RTEO SDK.
But again, up to you to implement Add-Ins into the RTEO SDK :
this simply means implementing SDK interfaces yourself to obtain loads of infos at runtime when executing your transformed Code (generated from XJLT repository).
Well this plugin isn't plug'n'play you'll need to do a bit of work yourselves :-) Lucky You !

Tuesday 11th January 2005 :
Happy New Year to all of you !!!
Wish you lots of creativity !
The new release of RTEO is about to come, so stay tuned :-)
There will be more GUI's (not my favorites !!) and three (hopefully) useful functionnalities of Code Enhanced by RTEO Regeneration.
The RTEO referential (XJL and XJLT files) will be isolated in an 'rteo' dir in the cloned project (this dir could be added to the classpath).
XJL and XJLT files will be editable, and you could use a plugin such as X-Men for XML Edition.
MoreOver, the JAVA 1.3 reverse engine is starting to be less buggy, and i'm preparing an XSD for it (not for next release yet !).

Tuesday 30th November 2004 :
Well... it's quite hard to find a beginning in a project... and here it is.
I am now (finally) going to express (as freely as possible ) my ideas as they come...
And so what ever happens... happens !

RTEO Round Trip Engineering Objects

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